Brand Characters: They Do Have Legs!
A company can gain a competitive edge over rivals through non-traditional channels, such as social media, that bring a brand character to life. A multi-channel approach with an iconic brand character can help a company forge a much closer relationship with their target market.
REALITYRx is a healthcare marketing agency that understands there are many avenues with which to press our client’s advantage.
To that end, a brand character is one of the most effective tools in advertising and a solid launchpad from which to convey any type of messaging. In competitive markets, brand characters or mascots work especially well. From Speedy Alka-Seltzerto the Energizer Bunny, an effective, iconic brand character showcases a product’s unique selling proposition in an inventive and fresh way—they are memorable!
In 2018, Impax Laboratories (now part of Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) asked us to develop a new campaign for their epinephrine auto-injector, a product that can save lives when a severe allergic reaction is triggered. The goal was to educate patients about the everyday allergens that can cause a life-threatening emergency.
The result? The “What-If”— an eye-catching and mischievous personification of the ubiquitous allergens that can cause anaphylactic shock.
Whether in print, on TV, or via social media, the best advertising characters have staying power. Some have been around for upwards of a century and are household names that became synonymous with their brands. Here are a few icons that have withstood the test of time:
Making the Name Recognition Link  
Companies from highly competitive sectors such as healthcare, insurance, technology, and telecommunications are most likely to use a brand character. Adding personification to a product in a competitive market is a unique way to pique curiosity and keep people interested in what a brand is saying.
The reason behind this strategy is clear: name recognition. Most product choices today are the result of an emotional decision-making process, so if you can reach consumers through a brand character that resonates with their experiences, your brand and company name will be remembered.
REALITYRx Brings Brand Characters to Life
Whether it’s an intimidating tumor beast for Integra LifeSciences’ CUSA® Clarity Ultrasonic Tissue Ablation System or a friendly flying robot for Bracco Diagnostic Inc.’s NEXO® Contrast Management System, REALITYRx understands the impact brand characters can have on a client’s ROI.
What’s Right For Your Brand? 
Thanks to social media and the immense variety of today’s marketing tools, right now may be the perfect time to establish a new brand character.
Perhaps now more than ever before, HCPs and patients have a compelling need to find a real connection with the brands they choose. A brand character is one way to make that happen.
At REALITYRx, we’ll help you develop the perfect marketing strategy to grow your brand’s awareness, humanize your brand’s story, and create a buzz among customers, whether patients or physicians.


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