Why Small Healthcare Agencies Are the Answer

By Jonathan Male

Most healthcare agencies are consistently overpriced, always behind schedule, plus constantly overselling and under-delivering — and the bigger they are, the more expensive they are, the more slow-moving they are, and the more complicated it is to work with them. Additionally you do not get the same level of expertise— in the agency business we call it bait and switch.

Agencies need to be scalable and adaptable to a dynamic, modern healthcare marketplace, and they offer a number of advantages.

The advantages of small and nimble

  • They’re agile. The gargantuan agencies — with colossal fees — literally cannot be lean, nimble and affordable; they move like glaciers. Smaller agencies can shift gears on a dime and know how to adapt. Large agencies are often rigid and locked in to labyrinthian procedures.
  • They can cost less. Small agencies have a lower overhead, allowing them to charge less for work that a giant firm might charge 50% more for. Big agencies are typically so expensive because they so often mismanage accounts on the business side and wind up charging you to make their profit margin.
  • You can reach the creative and account leadership. Unlike large agencies, you likely won’t have your call transferred around the account exec pool; you are more likely to have direct access to the decision-makers and talent you need.
  • They are faster. With large teams of 20–30 people working on your account, things get jumbled. But when you have an agency tactical team laser-focused on your project, stuff gets done more rapidly … and better.
  • They are passionate. Smaller firms are hungrier and more competitive; they don’t rest on their laurels.
  • They know it’s about you. Unlike the hefty boys, small agencies know it’s about you, not about the caché of dropping your name to make themselves look better.

Size does matter: that’s why small is better

Who can argue with more agile, more cost-effective, more accessible, more fast, more driven and more focused on you? Try getting this with a large agency.

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