Deliver impactful virtual engagements in a simulated setting. The virtual congress allows you to extend your reach, removing all physical limitations such as travel and lodging. Reach more customers with your messaging as they explore all you have to offer from the comfort of their office or home.

Primary users: Pharmaceutical/diagnostic/device customers, prospects, advocates and KOLs

Secondary users: Company sales force and other stakeholders

Uses/Benefits: Extended customer reach and database building, consistent strategic and message execution, advocate/KOL interaction, and sales training enhancement

Via a dynamic web portal, attendees will enter a main hall just as in a real-world setting, where they will be greeted by a virtual host. Once there, attendees will navigate via hot spots or utilize a bottom navigation to select what they would like to explore. Importantly, unlike an industry-wide conference, the entire experience is dedicated to your brand or franchise.


RRxVCTM is designed to:

  • Offer the free flow of ideas and information exchange that takes place at a large medical gathering; allows for customer interactions in real-time
  • Becomes the user’s free pass to all areas of the company’s exhibit space and congress activities, allowing for in-depth exploration
  • Provides virtual access to all brand and franchise promotional materials and messaging
  • Provides user an opportunity to partake in or review key medical symposia

When an attendee wants to explore an exhibit booth, they can choose from a menu of digital content including documents, videos, and links to your branded webpages. When an attendee enters your virtual booth, your rep will receive an alert with chat options that include private 1-on-1 chats for detailing or group chats organized into breakout sessions.

Make a greater impact with a safe, secure way to extend your reach. With a virtual congress, you’re in control of the level of interaction and scale of the event.

This solution is scalable to budget and need.