The Integration of Science and Promotion in Pharmaceutical Marketing

Just as the brain relies on established neural connections to solve a problem, the process of effective branding relies on a system of carefully coordinated skill sets working in synch and adapting to changing conditions.

It follows logically that if these skills are tightly linked, they can be more effectively deployed against brand objectives and can lead to greater overall success in the market.

Successful branding, then, is a kind of right brain, left brain phenomenon. Let the rational, more scientific side fall behind, and marketer’s risk losing the medical relevance or legitimacy. In the same vein, if the emotional side is ignored, they risk creating a lackluster detached brand.

Ideally, brands, even pharmaceutical brands, connect with both sides of the brain equally well by simultaneously appealing to rational motivators and answering emotion needs.

A communication agency that has “hard-wired” connections between science and creative promotion has inherent advantages over one that ignores one side over the other.

Medical Substance

Successfully linking science and creative requires a real understanding of the relevant salient medical facts. Medical expertise ensures that brand is scientifically accurate, medically relevant, and compelling to your audience.

Unique aspects of the product, such as mechanism of action, can be effective tool that help differentiate the product pre-launch and carries a long way to seamless launch and differentiate a brands unique science and relevant characteristics.

Creative Spark

It all comes together by integrating strategy with relevant medical insights focused around the agreed creative brief. Brand teams rely on this compass to ignite the creative team, copy writers and art directors, for idea generation, messaging, and unique imagery leading to the big idea that projects the overall brand story and campaign execution.

The combination of this left brain right brain synergy lays the foundation for defining a pharmaceutical brand’s unique place in the market… From initial messaging to early development of the brand iconography on through to the core campaign communication.

Maximize Opportunities

Ultimately the blending of science and creative will maximize a brands opportunities at every stage of it’s life cycle. An agency partner such as REALITYRx acts as a single-minded entity creating enduring links between your strategy, your message, your customers, and your brand.