YouTube … It’s the number two search engine after Google with users consuming more than six billion hours of video a month. What does this mean for the Pharma industry?

An opportunity …

To increase traffic, exposure, visibility, engagement and brand awareness.

An opening …

For sharing content and connecting with consumers.

How can the Pharma industry utilize YouTube as a means to achieve all of this? Below are ways to help do just that.

Create interest for your brand while sharing information. Content is king. If you’re providing valuable video content that consumers are searching for, you will start gaining subscribers. Position your brand as the trusted expert, and people will want to keep coming back to you. Posting video content that is social, shareable and relevant to the interests of your core audience while still staying true to your brand is a great way to grow your presence in the digital space.

Address the barriers to being social. Fears of adverse event reporting, getting content through internal approval processes and other issues appearing as roadblocks can be resolved with a little troubleshooting and a lot of patience. The most experienced brands have been owning the digital landscape for the longest—they know what works—and they consistently provide content their users are searching for. Start small—but keep growing. Brands that stagnate are the ones that refuse to adapt and learn from consumer demand. Study your metrics and find out what people are responding to—and then give them more. While more and more Pharma companies are looking to YouTube as a marketing channel—many just aren’t there yet. Posting TV ads to your channel will never be enough to attract subscribers—you need quality content that addresses consumer’s concerns and questions. Being engaged with your audience and developing a likeable persona on social media is a key factor in making or breaking a YouTube channel.

Target your content to reach more followers. Create digital video content for sharing to engage users and maximize search outcomes. Effective optimization of your titles and descriptions will make it easier to find your videos. Have a long term strategy and stay on track of your goals—to increase brand awareness while nurturing customer conversion.

Amp up your viewership with targeted ad buys. YouTube offers several options, including pre-roll ads and in-site search ads that work a lot like Google pay-per-click search ads. You can also use Google search to leverage direct general web traffic to your YouTube content.

Customize your brand page to include your boilerplate Indication(s) and Important Safety Information (ISI) statements. YouTube has made it possible to customize your brand page to include your boilerplate Indication(s) and Important Safety Information (ISI) statements so you don’t have to worry about regulatory issues.

Hire a solid team of digital mavericks. People who are current, up to date and who know how to grow your brand will take your company to the next level. Social media should be at the forefront of every Pharma company’s agenda … Or else you run the risk of becoming obsolete or at the very least distant from your customer base.

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