Expanding our focus on health and wellness

How does a healthcare marketing agency and performance chemical company come to connect on a personal level? Quite naturally! REALITYRx recognizes the role that personal care products play in contributing to overall health and well-being. And INNOSPEC strongly appreciates the agency’s proven ability to develop standout marketing that applies to their customized formulations and product offerings.

That’s why INNOSPEC Performance Chemicals partnered with REALITYRx to strategically rebrand their personal care division’s identity, with the objective of clearly communicating their unique commitment to innovative, high-performing, and environmentally friendly products. Equally as important as the selective ingredients that go into each INNOSPEC formulation is their mindfulness of the people who ultimately use them.

REALITYRx created the “Inner Beauty” campaign to distinguish INNOSPEC’s dedication to keeping the “personal” in personal care, while developing uniquely customizable and inventive solutions that enable customers’ inner beauty to truly shine through.

Last week, with growing anticipation and excitement, REALITYRx worked with a globally renowned fashion photographer to capture the new face of INNOSPEC’s personal care division. It was the quintessential photo shoot, with all parties—client, agency, photographer, and model—working together to get the results they were looking for. The model was carefully chosen for her fresh, multinational look, representative of INNOSPEC’s global impact and aspirations to revolutionize the personal care business, worldwide.

Stay tuned for more fun event photos and updates as REALITYRx continues to change the face of personal care with INNOSPEC.

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