EPISIL® Bioadhesive Breakthrough


Reality testing: In an overcrowded marketplace, EPISIL filled in the gaping hole with a real solution for patients that addressed all of the shortfalls of other therapies for rapid, lasting, portable, and simple relief of oral mucositis. The adequate relief of pain offered by EPISIL could enable patients to maintain their ability to eat, drink, talk, and continue with therapy.

Envisioning a new reality: REALITYRx redefined relief of oral mucositis with an attention-grabbing campaign that dispels the concept of patients not being able to enjoy eating, drinking, and everyday life when symptoms strike. The campaign introduced the numerous benefits of a new technologically advanced treatment that could transform the way the condition impacts patients’ lives.

Inventing the reality: By creating the “Hungry for Relief” campaign, REALITYRx combined powerful and emotional words with eye-stopping graphics to reverse the mindset that there was virtually nothing that could successfully address oral mucositis pain. The campaign was launched successfully through multiple channels, including eblasts, a website, app, electronic visual aids, brochures, and a Patient Starter Kit. This campaign strategically distinguished EPISIL by countering the competition with its unique message and graphic approach—which communicates how EPISIL fills the need for fast-acting, long-lasting relief that’s portable, simple and pleasant tasting.

Patient Caregiver Brochure

A content-rich brochure that answered the most important questions on patients’ and caregivers’ minds, facilitating trust and a greater understanding about this condition and how to prevent it from interfering with daily life.

Patient Starter Kit

A comprehensive and inspiring kit developed for patients, containing multiple resources to assist with product compliance and lifestyle.


A breakthrough brand website simplifies the search for information about episil and how to easily access treatment at a cost savings, empowering healthcare providers and patients.

episil® is a registered trademark of R-Pharm US LLC.

MOA Video

A video that simultaneously addresses the questions of both patients and healthcare providers in an inviting, relatable style.

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Bioadhesive breakthrough redefined relief of oral mucositis


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