Integra® DuraSeal®

Overcoming Market Inertia with Iconic Branding

Reality testing: Integra LifeSciences’ DuraSeal brand team came to REALITYRx with an ambitious challenge: disrupt a heavily commoditized market and completely redefine the way neurosurgeons think about dural sealants. DuraSeal is the only product that enhances the surgeon’s suturing while simultaneously aiding the body’s natural healing process. The result: fewer cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leaks and lower risk of post-op complications. In spite of real clinical advantages, DuraSeal suffered from a lack of product differentiation against its competitor in the minds of neurosurgeons. The message simply wasn’t breaking through.

Envisioning a new reality: REALITYRx successfully amplified the impact of DuraSeal with a bold campaign instantly telegraphing the brand’s key benefit. The photorealistic rendering of a submarine door closing over a suture was a direct metaphor for DuraSeal’s watertight seal and its efficacy. This iconic image, coupled with the DuraSeal mantra, “Seal to Heal”, powerfully conveys just how important it is for surgeons to prevent CSF leakage and protect their work.

A brave new reality: Postmarketing data revealed that we could achieve greater impact if customers truly understood the real-world implications of DuraSeal’s ability to reduce CSF leaks. This required something truly unexpected.

REALITYRx took a brave approach: our LEAKS MATTER toe tag concept. Shot on a foreboding and dramatic black background, this concept boldly reminds neurosurgeons of the worst-case consequence of CSF leaks: patient mortality. The resulting digital sales aid helped convince neurosurgeons that CHOICE MATTERS when it comes to dural sealants.

Inventing the reality: Integra’s sales force management team noted that this sales aid continues to succeed well beyond expectations. It has helped to increase DuraSeal sales with the its off-the-charts stopping power. The toe tag concept has allowed them to impress the neurosurgical staff with the serious nature of CSF leaks and paves the road to conversation with the rep about preventing those leaks and making decisions about DuraSeal.

Campaign Relaunch

An iconic image instantly telegraphing DuraSeal’s key clinical benefit anchored an award-winning campaign refresh.

Sales Aid

When new data highlighted a significant reduction in CSF leaks, a bold campaign refresh brought home the clinical benefit with memorable stopping power.

Reprint Carrier

Clear and persuasive presentation of clinical data was a critical step in our successful process of differentiating the DuraSeal brand.

Guarantee Program

Comprehensive print materials informed surgeons about the brand’s value-based guarantee program, highlighting Integra’s confidence in their product’s efficacy.

Cost-Benefit Analysis Video

When new data highlighted a significant reduction in CSF leaks, a bold campaign refresh brought home the clinical benefit with memorable stopping power.

Cranial and Spinal MOA

High-end, photo-realistic MOA images communicated key product benefits—the ability to enhance the surgeon’s suturing efforts while also promoting the body’s natural healing.

DuraSeal and Integra are registered trademarks of Integra LifeSciences Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries.

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