CereLink® ICP Monitoring System

Transforming an Acquisition into an Uncompromised Market Leader


Reality testing: When Integra® LifeSciences purchased Codman Neurosurgery, it cemented the company’s position as an industry leader. In the process, Integra also acquired a unique set of challenges—among them, how to condition the market for the launch of a game-changing intracranial pressure (ICP) monitoring system.

Envisioning a new reality: REALITYRx understood that neurosurgeons were frustrated with existing ICP monitoring systems. Readings tended to drift over time, systems were not MRI safe, and ICP sensors were prone to breakage and malfunction, leaving HCPs “in the dark” with respect to their patients’ actual ICP status. Compromise was the status quo. Integra’s next-generation CereLink ICP monitoring system addressed all of these shortcomings while providing additional advantages such as advanced data presentation features—but could customers be motivated to make the switch?

Inventing the reality: REALITYRx created a 2-pronged approach, starting with a prelaunch campaign that shaped the market and created the conditions necessary for a significant change in customer behavior. A series of disruptive, unbranded, and targeted emails and blog posts defined the limitations of current ICP monitoring systems and drove prospective customers to a microsite to learn more.

When CereLink launched, branded communications commenced. Once again, non-personal digital promotion included a series of targeted emails that positioned CereLink as the start of an era of uncompromised ICP monitoring–driving customers to a branded microsite. Reps began detailing from a focused branded brochure while print ads, leaderboards, blogs, and instructional videos completed the rollout.

Pre-launch campaign

Unbranded emails and blog posts

These tactics set the stage for the launch of CereLink through a metaphor that spoke to the unseen challenges neurosurgeons face: inaccurate readings due to data drift, lack of MRI-conditional capability, and fragile, damage-prone sensors.

Unbranded microsite

Readers were driven here to learn more about ICP monitoring issues and technological innovations on the horizon. The site raised awareness about the limitations of existing technologies and conditioned the market for the introduction of CereLink.

Launch campaign

Branded emails

A wave of digital communications introduced CereLink and ushered in the era of uncompromised ICP monitoring. Arresting visuals built on pre-launch efforts to signal that a major advance in ICP monitoring had arrived.

Branded microsite

This resource became the digital hub of the branded campaign, demonstrating how CereLink empowers physicians by providing improved accuracy, MRI-conditional capability, durable, flexible ICP sensors, and advanced data presentation.

CereLink is a trademark of Integra LifeSciences Corporation or its subsidiaries. Codman and Integra are registered trademarks of Integra LifeSciences Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries.

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