At the recent 2024 MANNY AWARDS, celebrating excellence in healthcare communications, REALITYRx was named a finalist in the “Best Corporate Campaign” category. The campaign was developed for one of REALITYRx’s clients, Bracco Diagnostics, Inc, a global leader in contrast imaging solutions.

Bracco is an idea-driven company that thrives on making meaningful change. Bracco separates itself from other companies through their commitment and ability to change lives for the better. Bracco acts as a catalyst, promising change and a transformation through their products, services, and knowledge—and by association with Bracco.

Bracco embraces sustainability as a core business principle with the power to advance people, innovation, and the planet. They insist on responsible practices in every aspect of business, from environmental impact to ethical supply-chain management. Every year Bracco sets goals to renew, reduce, and recover through green initiatives like increasing energy efficiency, reducing energy footprint, lowering emissions, sourcing renewable energy, recovering and reusing raw materials, and making a positive contribution to the circular economy.

Bracco is also relentlessly focused on innovation—with major investments in R&D centers and researchers around the world—to create value for customers and patients and to sustain global business growth. Bracco invests approximately 10% of its annual turnover in R&D each year.

The new corporate campaign was driven by market insights that leverage Bracco’s unique strengths. For instance, Bracco goes to great lengths to collaborate with and support its customers, offers an extensive portfolio of innovative products and operates a purpose-driven, sustainable business. Bracco is also approaching its 100th year in business.

From these strengths, a new creative campaign was developed: “Everything has led to this moment.” The campaign idea celebrates the highly productive partnership between Bracco and Radiology professionals. This collaboration creates the highest level of patient care, leads to increased clarity and diagnosis, and informs treatment plans designed to achieve the best possible outcomes. This is the “everything” that has led to “this moment.”



Bracco branding was also revised and updated for the US market. New graphic elements were created that are consistent with the latest Bracco global branding template. The new global tagline, “Unlocking the Invisible” was integrated into the campaign. New sales material are being developed to energize the Bracco sales force, who have rallied around the campaign slogan “Bracco. We are all in.”

The campaign was launched with multiple videos, graphics and promotions at the Radiological Society of North America’s 2023 conference. Going forward, it will appear in numerous channels, including the home page of the website, sales materials, videos, emails, banner ads and more. The campaign will also be featured on Bracco product websites and collateral.

REALITYRx has extensive experience creating and implementing corporate campaigns for our clients. It begins by being immersed in our client’s business challenges, knowing the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, and developing customer insights. From strategy to creative to execution, we can help you position and build your brand to maximize sales. See more of our campaign work here