At REALITYRx, we are committed to our clients’ success and pride ourselves on balancing 5 essential pillars of professionalism.


I. Growth


This year REALITYRx celebrated our 15th anniversary! We’re thrilled to be thriving in an industry that can at times be as fickle and unforgiving as it is rewarding.


While there’s no simple explanation for exponential growth, the most important thing we’ve learned is that the quality of an agency’s relationships with clients—coupled with a deep dedication to their business—is the foundation of true, long-lasting partnerships.


II. Listening


Clients look for agencies with business savvy, integrity, brand expertise, and technological know-how. These qualities serve as a foundation upon which to build reliability.


Active listening creates a foundation for effective communication, leading to a positive customer experience and ultimately, brand success.


While agencies are charged with steering clients away from their comfort zones in order to achieve better results, clear communication on both sides is crucial—ensuring that the conversation includes listening as well as responding.

III. Leadership


To navigate the modern healthcare landscape, leadership teams need to stay ahead of changing trends.


Strong leaders understand that the people within the agency are the heart and soul of a client’s business—and that diversity within teams produces a variety of solutions and better overall results. Successfully working with a wide range of clients is contingent on the leadership of a team and the breadth and depth of that team’s combined experience.


IV. Service


Understanding the challenges and demands facing clients today is part of the commitment to client services. Working closely to identify and address real-world business problems while proactively providing solutions helps ensure that clients have an ongoing competitive advantage in the market.

V. Partnership


Agency-client partnerships are built on trust that can be achieved by listening to and anticipating clients’ wants and needs, as well as those of their clients’ customers. Agencies need to readily accept client challenges and continually strive to provide creative solutions as they build and strengthen ongoing relationships. A strong agency-client relationship can be categorized by this fact: success breeds success. Lasting commitment is a crucial aspect of building a strong partnership. Supporting clients over the years lays the foundation for a successful relationship. We appreciate the trust we’ve earned from our clients over the past 15 years and the respect that defines us as their marketing partner.


If your brand team would like to know more about our agency approach, contact Jon or Hoon at RRx. Let’s talk.