Bracco Diagnostics Inc., a leader in diagnostic imaging, has continued to evolve its broad portfolio to become a one-stop shop for contrast media, injectors, and diagnostic software solutions. With the expansion of Bracco’s product and modality offerings came the need for a well-organized, comprehensive sales tool. To unify the company’s expansive portfolio and modernize their sales force, REALITYRx used proprietary repDNA® software to create a full-service eDetailing program called Bracco ONE.
The comprehensive Bracco ONE app houses all of Bracco’s brands in one responsive resource. The app integrates existing content (PDFs, videos, and digital assets) into a dynamic architecture featuring a scalable interface for long-term use along with back-end analytics to measure effectiveness. It also houses the Bracco SmartInject interactive visual aid, a multimedia sales piece for the Bracco line of injectors and informatics. The interactive tool exists within the framework of the Bracco ONE app, allowing for seamless presentation of Bracco’s CT, MR, and data management solutions.
Along with multimedia capabilities, this intuitive CMS allows reps and brand managers to easily track usage and release updates across an entire sales team, streamlining sales training and management. It connects seamlessly with Salesforce API for unified CRM analytics while allowing for external sharing of materials with customers. Additional features include:
  • Integration with the existing CRM to capture all marketing materials in one place
  • Behavioral data capturing
  • PDF sharing via email
  • Internal messaging system with push notifications
  • Interactive brochures and calculators
  • Background updates
  • Offline mode for use without WiFi
Bracco ONE does more than showcase the company’s product offerings: it engages potential clients, builds sales best practices, and elevates Bracco’s overall community perception as a leader in diagnostic imaging.