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Get Comfortable with Virtual Colonoscopy


Reality testing: Rates of colorectal cancer are on the rise, especially among younger patients, a group that is not getting regular screenings. The most recent guidelines from the American Cancer Society lowered the criteria for screening to age 45 (previously 50). Virtual colonoscopy is an ideal way for (most) younger patients to screen for colorectal cancer, but there is very little awareness of it.

Inventing the reality: We needed to overcome the perception that colorectal cancer screening is something “old” people do, and that the only option is colonoscopy.

Envisioning a new reality: We positioned Virtual Colonoscopy as a fast, simple, easy way to get screened for colorectal cancer. The website depicts younger patients, post-test, who are happy they have been screened. Virtual Colonoscopy is a “comfortable” choice because it is a non-invasive CT scan that only takes about 15 minutes—and is just as effective as a traditional colonoscopy at detecting precancerous polyps.

The ROI has been tremendous and Bracco looks to build on this initial success and become the leader in this important early testing.

Website – Home page

The home page of the depicts a patient who has been screened for colorectal cancer—and is happy to have done it.

Website – Why CTC

The website goes into detail about how Virtual Colonoscopy is different, comfortable, and why it could be the right choice for you.

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