Bracco Diagnostics Inc.
Everything Has Led to This Moment

Reality testing:
Bracco Diagnostics Inc., a global leader in diagnostic imaging, recently underwent extensive customer research suggesting there is an opportunity for Bracco to leverage its customer strengths in new ways.

Inventing the reality: Our goal is to expand awareness as to how committed Bracco is to collaborating and supporting its customers at the highest level. This collaboration is embodied in a new positioning “The Purpose Driven Partner.”

Envisioning a new reality: A new franchise brand campaign was developed by REALITYRx: “Everything has led to this moment.” This campaign celebrates the highly productive partnership between Bracco and Radiology professional community, driven by innovative products and services, unparalleled knowledge and experience, informing treatment plans designed to achieve the best possible outcomes. This is the “everything” that has led to “this moment.” A MANNY award from MedAdNews recognized this for best franchise campaign 2024.

“Moments” Launch Video 

This emotional video follows a patient journey from diagnosis to treatment plan and beyond that highlights the value of collaboration. 

“Moments” Convention Booth

The Bracco convention booth was refreshed and updated to introduce the “Moments” campaign to Radiology professionals.

“Moments” Panel 70’ Video Display

Video display panels of various sizes were created to launch the new campaign aimed at Radiology professionals.