Children diagnosed with brain and spinal cord tumors face an uncertain future. These tumors represent about 1 in 4 cases of childhood cancers, with more than 4000 new cases diagnosed each year. Depending on the type of tumor, prognosis can vary greatly. The complex nature of brain cancers in children has researchers constantly scrambling to discover more about their origin, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Despite persistent uncertainties, there are rays of hope. More young patients are living longer thanks to new and improved treatments. Over the last four decades, survival rates for children with cancer have increased from about 58% to over 80%. Advanced diagnostic and treatment strategies such as identifying specific gene mutations or using immunotherapy to encourage the body’s own immune system to fight back against tumors have given renewed encouragement to patients, their families, and their physicians. Today, approximately 3 out of 4 children with brain or spinal cord tumors go on to survive at least another 5 years—some longer, and some are even cured.

Organizations like the Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation (CBTF) help fund research and development of innovative treatments. REALITYRx is partnering with our client Integra LifeSciences to support the CBTF with the goal of improving quality of life for children with brain and spinal cord tumors. At REALITYRx, we’re dedicated to helping patients and their families, and are proud to be a part of this important cause.